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April 14, 2003

Gestational Diabetes

Question from Mansfield, Ohio, USA:

I am 35 years old and recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes following a glucose tolerance test which showed the following: Fasting 87 mg/dl [4.8mmol/L] One-hour 190 mg/dl [10.6mmol/L] Two-hour 157 mg/dl [8.7 mmol/L] Three-hour 73 mg/dl [4.1 mmol/L] I am wondering how accurate the GTT test results are because I was not feeling well the day I took the test. Is there any chance they could be wrong?


The results of the glucose tolerance test will vary slightly depending on the time of day and how you have been eating prior to the test, but repeating the test is not worthwhile. The results are not wrong. The one-hour and two-hour values are elevated, but your fasting blood sugar is normal. You will probably do well on diet management alone.