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September 3, 1999

Daily Care

Question from Texas, USA:

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 18 (although I suspect I had it long before that). I am now 49 and have almost all the problems that are associated with the disease. I was recently told by a doctor specializing in diabetes that he wanted me to fast once a week, not take my insulin (70-30 40 units twice daily) on that day, and to cut my meals to two a day. Never in my life have I heard of that. I am scared to try that. Will it damage me in any way?


It is right that you should question this type of treatment. My initial response is to suggest that you run and find another health care provider that understands the management of type 1 diabetes. I would also suggest that, it you haven’t already, you find an experienced diabetes educator to help you with your understanding of management and support you in better insulin therapy and blood sugar control.

We know so much more about diabetes and tools for management than we did when you were diagnosed. We have new insulins and new attitudes about diabetes management and control. You deserve to learn all that’s new and get professional support to achieve the control and lifestyle that you deserve!

Don’t give up until you find someone you can trust and work with for the long haul.