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September 5, 2002

Daily Care

Question from Valentine, New South Wales, Australia:

I was told by my ex-husband that our three year old son has "borderline diabetes", which he says can be controlled by diet. However, Diabetes Australia says there is no such thing as borderline diabetes; You either have it or you don't. Trying to get full tests results from my ex-husband is like trying to pull teeth (very painful). I am going to my doctor, but I would like a little information before I go. If all I need to do is control this by diet, what can and can't he eat? My son isn't overweight but is quite tall for is age. He doesn't eat much junk food at all and is very active. His grandfather has diabetes, though I am unsure which type. Could you please tell where I can obtain a list of suitable and unsuitable


You are right, there is no such thing as “borderline diabetes”. One either has diabetes or does not have diabetes, and in a three year old, it’s that much more important that you schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian who specializes in diabetes so that an individualized meal plan can be developed for your son.

No foods are forbidden for a child with diabetes but portions are important, especially with the task of balancing blood sugar control with providing appropriate calories.


[Editor’s comment: Obviously, it would be very helpful to obtain some more information directly from your son’s physician. Can you sign an authorization form to have your son’s medical records forwarded to your own physician, so your physician can help you to understand what’s going on?

If your son does have diabetes, he may be in a honeymoon period, and may need insulin shots later.