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October 14, 2002

Insulin Pumps

Question from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA:

I will be going for training on an insulin pump in a couple of weeks, and my endocrinologist told me that I will be using Humalog. However, I am concerned because I just recently heard that only NovoLog should be used, and Humalog causes the tubing to clog. Is there any truth to what I heard about Humalog clogging insulin pump tubing?


Either Humalog or NovoLog can be used in the insulin pump. In fact, any Regular insulin can be used in the insulin pump. Novolog may have some buffered/preservatives that make it less likely to clog in the pump, but this is very individual.

I would suggest you discuss this with your endocrinologist and then reach a mutual decision. One can always switch to the other type of insulin, of course, should problems arise.