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November 23, 2002

Community Resources, Insurance/Costs

Question from Salem, Oregon, USA:

I work part time, don’t make enough to buy test strips, and I don’t have this under control by any means, but I can’t find any help. I feel as though I am going to die in my sleep and that really wouldn’t be so bad because I am really tired of fighting this! I am considering suicide to end the fight, and everyone would be better off. My doctor said I am not depressed and I am just unhappy. Well, sorry to disappoint you doc, but this really sucks when I can’t make enough money to stay alive.

I lost my apartment and am staying with my girlfriend who can’t afford the rent, so we will both be on the street soon. Is there any one that can help? Do I just check out for good?


I can offer much empathy for this clear cry for help. I can also offer this advice: Do not delay: Call your local mental health clinic because of your suicidal thoughts. Care can be provided at reduced or no cost. In addition, your community likely has a local free-health clinic to help with your diabetes supplies. The various University medical centers also often have help for patients who are experiencing hardships. Call them. They may have an out-reach clinic in a community near you. Please do not have too much “pride” to seek out this help.

Certainly, contact the physician who diagnosed you. That office may also have some diabetes supplies to get you through. In fact, call the local hospital and ask to speak with a medical social worker. Help is out there.

Additional comments from David Mendosa, A Writer on the Web:

For some sources of financial help please see “Financial Aid Including Health Insurance and Scholarships” at the end of my general information pages.