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October 22, 2003


Question from Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada:

My grandchild is a toddler with type 1 diabetes. I hear vague reports of organ breakdowns, vision loss, blood circulation problems, etc., and I would like to obtain something in writing confirming whether or not there major health problems when a child is older if not carefully monitored. Where would I find information about the long term health effects if the proper diet is not maintained and sugar levels are not monitored properly when a child has diabetes ?


In short, I think that your grandchild should be receiving the best metabolic control as early as possible. To this specific aim, a pediatric team experienced in the care of children with diabetes is the best option and the very first suggestion I can give to you. Don’t delay good metabolic control too long.

To get information regarding complications of diabetes and their relationship to the level of metabolic control, I think that you can first read a lot at our website. All the information there will better explain thing to you than just few lines dropped in this mail.


[Editor’s comment: See information from the DCCT for information about decreasing the risk of complications by maintaining tight glucose control.