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September 8, 2004

Blood Tests and Insulin Injections, Insulin

Question from Northridge, California, USA:

I have been on the insulin pump for a few years now. Lately, I have been getting tired of it. Do you think it is okay for diabetics to stop using the insulin pump for a while with the intent of using it again later? I just feel that I would rather take shots for right now than be hooked up to my pump.


I ABSOLUTELY think that an individual diabetes plan has to fit and be comfortable to the individual with diabetes. I have several patients who have taken a “vacation” from pumping and have gone back to a similar “basal-bolus” insulin plan with injections. Most use Lantus as the baseline-always present-background insulin and then take short-acting insulin for meals and snacks on a multiple daily injection regimen. It is “the pump without the pump.” Examples include patients on the swim team or basketball team, but I have also had young people who tired of being attached to a device. A pump is clearly MORE work. When you are on shots and your glucose is high, you give another shot. When you are on a pump and your glucose is high, you have to go through your long list to troubleshoot and check the pump, tubing, site change, etc in conjunction or you actually give more corrective insulin. I have had some patients who have not yet gone back on their pump – and do not plan to.

Just discuss a plan with your diabetes team. I imagine that they will be supportive of you and to work out a plan.