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May 6, 2001

Daily Care

Question from Seattle, Washington, USA:

If an 11 year old child was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a toddler and the diabetes has never been under control (i.e. the blood sugar is frequently too high and often times too low and too high within a day or two), is this an indication that the child’s diet and/or insulin are not being properly monitored? Is this a common problem for children with diabetes? What can a person do in this situation?


From: DTeam Staff

Several factors can cause the blood glucose to vary, and can be very variable with children at times. Also, sometimes there can be wide swings of glucose but the overall control (hemoglobin A1c) can be good. It is worth talking this over with the diabetes team caring for the child, as you will need to go into several factors to sort out whether or not there is a problem, and then how to sort it if there is.


[Editor’s comment: I agree with Dr Schulga, but I am not sure whether you are a parent of this child, a family member, friend, healthcare provider or social worker, etc. If you are not this child’s parent, you will need to discuss your concerns with this child’s parents before you take any action. As Dr. Schulga has already stated, we don not have enough information to sort out this problem. Only a thorough evaluation by a diabetes team experienced in the care of children can begin to answer your question.