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October 21, 2003

Insulin Analogs

Question from Vancouver, Washington, USA:

If Lantus is supposed to be so good, why does my child seem to be giving himself twice as many shots per day as before? He gives himself a shot of Humalog at every meal and liked the old method better with fewer injections.


While using Lantus with Humalog does involve four injections a day, it is also the best way to achieve good control and prevent long term complications. Newer devices do a great deal to minimise the discomfort of what is involved. Nonetheless, your son should talk to his doctor about starting to use a insulin pump which may involve being looked after, at least for a time, by a diabetes care team that has experience with this approach. It certainly involves far fewer injections, and in a few years, it seems likely that there will be indwelling glucose sensors that will last as long as three months or so and that these in turn will one day be safely able to control the pump itself.