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August 19, 2000


Question from Leav, Washington, USA:

I'm 21 years old and all of my life I've had extremely low blood sugar levels. Recently, I've noticed that I've been having extreme mood swings, and I burn through the food I eat a lot faster than normal. I've had to add another meal to my day in order to keep from passing out. Do you feel I should contact my doctor?


First, yes, if you have a question, call the doctor and certainly persist.

What is “low”? Not at 70, but certainly 40. Have you been taught to test at home? Do you have numbers? If not, you need some to have good data (I don’t think a glucose tolerance test replaces home glucoses).

These are the questions that need answering and followup. If you are truly low, then a referral to an endocrinologist might be in order.