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July 26, 2007

Weight and Weight Loss

Question from Arizona, USA:

Is it possible to lose weight with type 1 diabetes? For the past three years or so, I have had an annual weight gain of about 10 or more pounds. I have cut back my calories/carbohydrates/fat and increased my exercise, but I cannot lose weight. I just got an insulin pump two months ago to help regulate my blood sugar and I haven't lost a pound despite my efforts. I even had my pump turned off for a week while I was at cheer camp and I was able to keep steady, normal blood glucose rates. Still, over that whole time, I gained weight, if anything. I have my thyroid checked multiple times per year and there is nothing wrong there. Do you have any suggestions?


It is somewhat more difficult to lose weight when one also has type 1 diabetes because insulin must be reduced as calories are reduced and activity increased. But, with frequent blood glucose monitoring and consistency of timing of food and activity, this is always possible. You should go back and ask your diabetes team for specific advice since they know you best. A good web site such as My Food Diary.com will also help you to realize exactly how many calories you are eating, what activities you are doing and the balance.