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April 27, 2007

Other Medications

Question from Piatra Neamt, Romania:

Since I've been diagnosed with diabetes type 1, I have some problems with some sores on my right foot. They don't hurt me, but I want to get rid of them. Could I use some products based on salicylic acid? If not, then what could I use? I know that it is not recommended to use these kinds of products, but my last A1c was 5.12. I am physically active, eat four times a day and have no other health problems.


Your hemoglobin A1c looks very good at 5.12%. This would suggest you keep good blood sugar control with your regimen. The sores on your feet remain a question for me. It they were warts or some other benign problem, salicylic acid would be okay. However, you don’t want to create another sore by overtreating these areas. I would suggest that your blood sugar control is good and should allow you to heal and fight off infection normally. Obviously, if these were open sores with an ulcer, salicylic acid would not be appropriate.

Keep up the good work with your blood sugar control!