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May 25, 2004

Type 2

Question from South Africa:

Can one be cured from type 2 diabetes? My doctor said no. My wife is not a diabetic. Her blood sugar level after supper is about 8 mmol/L [144 mg/dl] and mine is 9 mmol/L [162 mg/dl]. I am using Diamicron tablets. Does this indicate that she is normal or would she also be having a problem? I measure our levels at home with a privately purchased monitor.


From: DTeam Staff

There is no cure, at the present time for diabetes mellitus, either type 1 or type 2. There is control. For individuals with type 2, that could be diet and exercise or a combination of medications including diet and exercise. It appears that both your glucoses are within the criteria for control or normalcy post meals. You do not indicate the fasting glucose, nor your A1c level. I would measure each of these with your physician’s advice.

There are studies at the present time investigating various medications for control and the use of islet cell transplants in type 1 patients for a “cure”. None of these are for widespread use at this time.

Additional comments from Brenda Hitchcock:

Please read our web page on Type 2 Diabetes to find out if your wife has the symptoms of type 2 and needs to see a doctor.