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January 25, 2010

Other Medications

Question from Mooresville, North Carolina, USA:

I asked about Toradol and I have asked about underlying reasons or, at least, the cause of my kidney stones, which I mentioned in my previous question. The urologist said I get calcium oxolate stones and because I was born with two ureters on one kidney and one on the other, that might have something to do with it even though one was removed when I was a baby. It could be an underlying condition. Also, my ureters are tiny, backing up bacteria and causing the chronic kidney infections and stones. The pain specialist would also do narcotics, but I fear addiction even with it not running in my family. I have yet to become addicted as I can go without narcotics in between stones. My twin has the same problem and my niece, too. We were all born with the same thing and also deal with tiny ureters. but no one else in my family has them. I just want the pain to be controlled without the possibility of dependence. I am a medic and that could ruin my career. Is there another drug that helps with pain but is not narcotic? I do understand my doctor wants to do what is best for me. He is great and has been through the highs and lows with diabetes and everything else so I trust him but just want to look into other options.


Thank you for replying to my questions regarding the cause of your stones. This is a substantial problem and does lend itself to recurrent stones. In almost every case, I think the pain physicians try to get by with as little narcotic as possible. Again, the non-steroidal medications are a problem and cause kidney problems themselves. It is a balancing act. There are no easy answers here. Someone with pain medication expertise would be a valuable asset.