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March 21, 2005

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Question from New Hampshire, USA:

I'm 45 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 30 years ago. I had a C-peptide test to determine if I was making insulin in order to be put on the pump. The test indicated that I do still produce some insulin. I have been on a pump for one and a half years. I have blood sugar swings that have not been alleviated with the pump. Is there any research or current treatment different for type 1 diabetics who are producing insulin sporadically?


There is evidence to suggest that people with type 1 diabetes who still produce insulin have better A1c levels than those who do not produce insulin. There is also some suggestion to the effect that the sugars are not as labile with wide swings. The fact you still have swings suggests that although you make insulin, it is insufficient to produce the swings. This can be compensated for by your pump so that if the highs are severe, the insulin can be given in such a way to meet those needs. If the swings occur in a downward direction, the pump has to be programmed to back off on insulin when they occur. The adjustment of your pump should be discussed with your physician supervising your care.