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February 21, 2001

Insulin Pumps

Question from Huntington Woods, Michigan, USA:

My 10 year old son has been using an insulin pump with Humalog insulin for about two months. He occasionally has significant “highs” soon after changing the infusion set. I noticed that sometimes, when the old infusion set is removed, a bubble of liquid seems to drip out. I suspect this is unabsorbed insulin, and that this may explain the hyperglycemia. Can you suggest a strategy to prevent losing this insulin, or recommend a way to estimate the volume so we can immediately give him a bolus to compensate for it?


From: DTeam Staff

You should review this situation with your diabetes team. They may want to actually watch what you are doing at infusion set changes since this is likely a technique problem that can be solved. It is also reviewed in the pump therapy manual(s) in some detail.


[Editor’s comment: Be sure to give a 1 unit bolus each time the infusion set is changed.