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January 29, 2000


Question from California, USA:

My 15 year old son with Type 1 diabetes for over 6 years experienced several hypoglycemic seizures before we put him on an insulin pump 2 1/2 years ago. This past summer, after intense exercise, the following morning he experienced a seizure on two separate occasions. We just got back from a pediatric neurologist who indicated that the EEG was normal, recommended an MRI (which he expects to be normal) and a prescription for Tegretol. I have seen the questions written earlier regarding similar situations. Does anyone have any data on whether Tegretol will help at all for these hypoglycemic seizures?


I think that what has happened is that earlier hypoglycemic episodes have either induced a state of increased sensitivity to hypoglycemia or aggravated an existing potential for seizure activity. Tegretol should diminish the likelihood of seizures as a result of hypoglycemia; but it will not affect the incidence of hypoglycemia so that there is still need to do everything possible to reduce the chances of a recurrence by frequent blood sugar monitoring and by being especially alert to blood sugar changes in relation to exercise and any change in food intake.