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November 14, 2002

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Wichita Falls, Texas, USA:

My 31 year old husband has had type 1 diabetes since the age of about 12, and our three year old son (42 inches tall, 46 pounds -- 95% on the growth chart since birth) may be showing signs of it. His doctor has not run any tests for this and tells me not to worry, but I worry every day. I've been reading many articles on symptoms, and many hit home. He has had severe ear infections starting at the age of six months until present and had tubes put in his ears twice with his adenoids taken out on the last. At about one and a half years of age, he had a bad yeast infection that was very difficult to get rid of. He drinks a lot throughout the day and can drink a gallon of milk in less than two days. He only wants milk or water and an occasional juice. He still wakes in the night for something to drink and to use the restroom which is a constant thing all day. If he doesn't eat much, he gets very hard to deal with, and his skin feels clammy and has sweats. Some people say his acts spoiled, but, if I get him to eat, he is a totally different person. He will sleep for three or more hours at nap time if we let him every day, and his day care says he's the first asleep and the last one they wake up. He doesn't eat many sweats at all but will want a candy bar every once in a while. He usually eats well at meals but sometimes says his belly hurts, and some days he eats snack after snack (banana, crackers, apple sauce).Is this normal? I see things in him that are so much like his father's symptoms. Should I take him in or am I being overly concerned because of my husband?


You are obviously concerned and should have your child’s urine checked for glucose. I wouldn’t do anything else unless this is positive. A gallon of milk in two days is excessive and not good practice nutritionally. What happens when you say ‘No’?