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March 29, 2000


Question from Dumbarton, Scotland:

My 6 year old daughter has been diabetic for 3 years and is currently taking part in a trial for a new insulin called Biphasic Aspart. I am having trouble locating any studies or reports on the trials which have already been carried out on adults worldwide for this insulin - can anyone help?


I am sorry that I cannot help; like you I could not find any references to ‘Biphasic Aspart’ insulin in the abstracts from the National Library of Medicine; but this may be because clinical trials are still in progress. The term ‘biphasic insulin’ conventionally applies to a mixture of two insulins that have different durations, the commonest being a mixture of regular human insulin and NPH in the ratio of 3:7, There are ongoing attempts though to improve the effect of these mixtures by using substituted insulins i.e. insulins like Lispro where the sequence of amino acids in one or both chains of the insulin molecule have been changed. The latest one that I am aware of is a mixture of Lispro with a new insulin called NPL, this effectively covers the meal peak and gives very consistent blood sugars in between. I imagine that the Biphasic Insulin in your daughter’s trial is something like this. Why not ask the project director if there have been any published studies — you are certainly entitled to know.

Additional comments from Dr. Bill Quick:

See insulin aspart for some more information about Novo-Nordisk’s new short-acting insulin product. I am also unaware of the status of trials of Biphasic Aspart.