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April 19, 2000

Honeymoon, Hypoglycemia

Question from South Carolina, USA:

My 7-year-old has just been diagnosed with type 1. She is in the honeymoon phase and her blood glucose levels are staying between 80-150, but when I give her the insulin her blood glucose drops to 38-68. What should I do when she is not high enough to actually need her shots? Is her pancreas working again or what?


During the honeymoon period, the amount of insulin required can be very small. During this time, the pancreas does still produce a very small amount of insulin. The end of the honeymoon is actually the time that the pancreas finally stops producing insulin. In addition, a child can be very sensitive to insulin during this time. If you are struggling with low blood sugars, I would review the dosing of the insulin with your diabetes team and adjustments can be made to help prevent low blood sugars.

Additional comments from Jeff Hitchcock, The Editor:

You can dilute the insulin to deliver smaller doses, which might help reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. Ask your diabetes team about it.