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September 29, 2006

Aches and Pains, Other

Question from Texas, USA:

My seven year old daughter has had diabetes since the age of one. She started having severe abdominal pain after her second experience with DKA at age two. We are on her fifth year of abdominal pain. She also has hypothyroid with goiter as of last year. She experiences blood sugar swings but, luckily, her A1c remains 7.1. Her thyroid is under control and her goiter still is enlarged.

In addition to her severe abdominal pain daily, she is having pins and needle sensations in both feet and hands. We have been working with her gastrointestinal doctor. For a year, he has ordered countless tests and tried many medications and diet change. All laboratory tests have been normal. We have no help or answers as of this time. The sensations of pins and needles have been occurring since May. Gastroparesis has been ruled out.

Is it possible she has autonomic neuropathy? Is there such a thing as too young? I am unable to get her in with a neurologist until November! What can her pediatrician order meanwhile? I myself have axon neuropathy so I can sympathize with her sensations of pins and needles. She’s so young; there must be something I can do for her. What tests should I be requesting? Are these symptoms and problems common among those whose diabetes was diagnosed at an early age? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Any other parents experiencing the same problems with there diabetic children could contact me as well. I am in search of answers and support. My daughter cannot be the only one experiencing this. There must be a cause, an answer, something.


From: DTeam Staff

These are very unusual symptoms for someone this young. I would agree to look for causes other than diabetes. Vitamin B12 and folic acid problems, calcium imbalances, celiac disease come to mind in someone with both type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease. Other mineral deficiencies and also toxin exposures should be on the list of possibilities as well.