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November 21, 2008

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Virginia, USA:

I am concerned about my five-year-old daughter who has had secondary nocturnal enuresis. There have not been any major life changes and she is a very easygoing child. She did have a coxsackie virus in August and I had heard this can trigger diabetes. I spoke with her doctor's office briefly about it and said she could have a UTI. She is not experiencing burning with urination and seems fine, although maybe a little more tired than usual. What are the odds of her having diabetes this soon after a coxsackie virus infection? I don't know my family history as I am adopted. There is a lot of diabetes on my husband's side of the family.


This is one of those situations where we, the diabetes community, are hoping to have diabetes diagnosed early and to prevent seriously ill children. It is November, Diabetes Month. This year’s theme is children and diabetes and, most especially, early diagnosis of diabetes and prevention of seriously ill children.

Take her to the doctor and get a urine test as well as a blood glucose. It could be an infection or it could be something else. If it were diabetes mellitus, you would find out early.