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July 1, 2003


Question from New York, USA:

My daughter has hypoglycemia, is going to camp this summer, and they insist that she keep her blood sugar meter in a health center at all times. At camp she has had trouble keeping her blood sugar up at times and will drop quickly. She will even go low at night sometimes. She will test about four times a day at camp, and her doctors feel this is a good idea. She does not feel comfortable not having her meter with her, as she does at all other times. When asked to justify this decision, the camp said that they had to know her readings. She has to go to the office for medicine at other times, so she said she would give them her readings then. After that, they said that a little kid may get the meter and get hurt. My daughter does not leave her lancets in the device or uncapped, so this is highly unlikely. She is also not allowed to keep food in her cabin, except they said she could keep glucose tablets and a few packs of saltines. There is more food in the health office, and all her snacks will be eaten there or in the dining hall. She will be giving her Glucagon Emergency Kit to the nurse. In your opinion, should she be allowed to keep the meter with her, or is this really a risk? The camp has been very good in the past about meeting her dietary needs, but should she be allowed to keep more food with her? I see how this may attract animals. Finally, in the past she has neglected to tell her counselor of her condition. She says it's hard to bring it up. How should this be handled?


The issue of keeping a meter available for camp for hypoglycemia is one you’ll need to address with the camp staff. Each camp has different regulations regarding this, and I would find the camp that best meets your daughter’s needs.