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February 13, 2000

Alternative Therapies and Explanations, Honeymoon

Question from New York, USA:

My daughter is 12, and was diagnosed two months ago with Type 1 diabetes. Her insulin has been reduced from 39 to 13 units. Could 100-200mg. of niacinamide prolong her “honeymoon period?” Also, she has a small patch of dry skin on her back that has not responded to cortisone cream. Could “Diabet-x” help?


From: DTeam Staff

There have been several trials attempting to prolong the honeymoon period with nicotinamide and they have been uniformly unsuccessful, probably because the autoimmune process has by then destroyed nearly all the insulin producing tissue. I could not find Diabet-X in the PDR but guess that it is similar to Diabevite and is probably a vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed for diabetics. If this is the case, I am sure it would not prolong the honeymoon period.