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July 16, 2004


Question from Japan:

My daughter was admitted to the hospital on the May 10, 2004 with the blood sugar at around 30 mmol/L [540 mg/dl] and her A1c was 10.9. From May 10 to May 29, she took insulin, but then stopped using it. Her normal blood sugars now range from 2.9 to 3.3 mmol/L [52 to 59 mg/dl]. Is this her honeymoon period?


It’s very odd to have such a quick movement into a honeymoon from a very high initial blood glucose reading and hemoglobin A1c reading. However, each child is different. It is also strange to have such low fasting blood glucose levels without any insulin. So, I would stay in close contact with your diabetes team, and most importantly, do a lot of blood glucose readings since a child this young cannot often tell you what is happening to them. If you still have questions, then call the nurse or doctors with whom you are working so that they can give you specific advice since they know your child the best and can understand what is happening in relation to their own lab studies as well as the frequent blood glucose testing.