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September 18, 2000

Social Issues: School and Daycare

Question from :

From, USA: My five year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two and one-half. We check her sugar about six times on an average day, and she gets at least two shots a day. She is currently taking Ultralente, Regular, and Humalog. She has never been to daycare or pre-school, and will be starting school for the first time next month. Since this will be the first time that she will be away from either myself or my wife, we are very nervous. We have talked with the school about her having diabetes, but are still concerned about her being monitored for low blood sugar. At home, even with us watching her and knowing what to look for, her sugar can drop so quickly. We were wondering if you have any suggestions for us, or can recommend any reading material.


There is a lot of material for schools on this website. Your diabetes team should be able to help you fill out a 504 plan that the school is required, by law, to implement. Set up a meeting with school personnel as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and your child’s needs. The first time a child goes to school is extremely stressful for the parents, school personnel, and the child who has diabetes.

You might also see if either your diabetes team or the local affiliate of the American Diabetes Association or Juvenile Diabetes Foundation have a video geared for school.

Remember, lots of kids with diabetes are in school and do great! You are not alone in your feelings. It is vital that you start off on the right foot with a 504 plan and IEP to prevent problems. See The Law, Schools, and Your Child with Diabetes which reviews the laws that parents of children with diabetes need to understand to ensure that their children receive proper care and access to education while at school.