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December 20, 2000

Other Illnesses

Question from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, USA:

My four year old daughter was diagnosed with type�1 diabetes six weeks ago. For the past several days, her blood sugars have been higher than normal, ranging from 200-490 mg/dl [11.1-27.2 mmol/L], but with no pattern. I just found out there is a case of mononucleosis in her preschool class. Is she more at risk for contracting this because of her diabetes? Could the high sugars be an indication that she may have contracted this?


Your daughter is not more likely to get infectious mononucleosis because of having diabetes. There could be a number of reasons for her high blood sugars, and you should keep in close touch with her diabetes team about making any insulin adjustments.


[Editor’s comment: Make sure that you are using “fresh” insulin before making any adjustments. When bottles have been open for longer than a month, the insulin tends to lose its potency.