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September 20, 2000

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Panama:

My four year old son was diagnosed several months ago. So far he's still in the honeymoon stage, and I haven't had to be terribly strict about his diet in order to keep things in control, but I know this stage isn't going to last, and I need to be working on getting him on the proper diet. Unfortunately, the only dietitians in the town where I live are from the old school of thought, and the diet they recommended would be impossible for an adult, let alone a little boy. I have been reading the book Sweet Kids and couldn't agree more that with children, the diet must be tailored to the child's appetite, and not vice-versa. Is there any organization that would be able to work out a diet for my son over the Internet, if I gave them all the pertinent information? I'm sure my son's doctor would be willing to cooperate.


I do not know of such an organization.


[Editor’s comment: How about if you show the Sweet Kids book to your son’s doctor, and have him/her insist to the dietitians that they follow the concepts in that book?