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July 4, 2002


Question from :

I’ve been all over the Internet trying to find the answer to my question. My friend has diabetes, is acting really weird, and it is scaring me! I don’t know what to think! I need to know if there is a change in behavior, or anything having to do with a different thought pattern than normal. Do you know of any symptoms that affect people with diabetes mentally?


From: DTeam Staff

Relatively rapid decreases in blood sugar can cause changes in level of consciousness, confusion, and perhaps some short-lived changes in behavior that resolve after bring the glucose up with food, glucagon, or intravenous glucose.

Longer term symptoms of mental changes/illness as you imply warrant an assessment by a mental health professional. You are a good friend to care. Don’t delay in getting help for your friend!

Additional comments from Craig Broadhurst:

“Weird” is a pretty global term. If you mean fluctuations in mood, then yes, diabetes can be one cause of that phenomenon. Blood sugars that drop and climb sharply can make moods change. The best friend you can be is one who encourages your friend to take good care to keep blood sugars in balance.