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April 15, 2005

Aches and Pains, Insulin

Question from Greenville, Illinois, USA:

My girlfriend has type 2 diabetes and has begun having terrible muscle spasms in her arms. This is very unsettling and painful. Can this be a cause of diabetes or from the insulin? She has been crashing quite a bit lately and my husband and I are very concerned. Believe me, if she weren't so obligated to continue working, etc., we would be able to get her to the doctor more often.


It is not clear what the symptoms are from. I would suggest she needs to talk with her physician about these symptoms. Is she on medications, like a cholesterol-lowering medication, that cause muscle pain? Did she lose a lot of weight with the diabetes and therefore a lot of muscle mass? Is she exercising frequently and causing these symptoms? Just having diabetes does not cause this.