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February 8, 2001

Diabetes Insipidus

Question from Carson City, Nevada, USA:

My friend's two year old son is a tiny little guy. They have had him tested to find out what can cause him to be so little. He weighs only 22 pounds but is a ball of energy. All tests were not able to find anything. Then they mentioned to me that he doesn't like milk, that the doctors suggested they have him drink more of, so they have resorted to giving him high protein juice. It was then that they said he loves water! They said he sneaks it, and loves to drink it, and if he sees water he goes crazy to get at it. Can diabetes insipidus be a factor in his tiny stature? Is it easily diagnosed, or something that most doctors would overlook? He has a healthy appetite from what I understand, but is tiny and loves water.


No, I don’t think diabetes insipidus causes tiny stature. The disease is easily diagnosed through a standard urine test. I see no relationship between being tiny and loving water nor do I see any suspicion of disease.