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February 25, 2008


Question from Leesburg, Indiana, USA:

My insurance raised my premium up another $120 a month to $479 per month. It takes me working 40 hours a week for two weeks just to pay for one months' insurance premium with a $1,000 deductible. But, since I am a type I diabetic, I can't afford lose my private insurance. I am on an insulin pump and can't afford to pay for my rent or anything else because of this. I'm 26 years old and am going to lose my house and my car because I can't afford my insurance payments along with the other necessities of life. Where can I go for help?


I respect the financial stress that you are experiencing in meeting the costs of medical expenses, health insurance costs and the other things needed to put a roof over your head. I am not aware of any cash or in-kind pharmacy assistance program for an employed single individual who has resources or income that are above the poverty limits established for Medicaid. However, the question that should have been asked is “what can I do to reduce my costs for health insurance premiums and health related costs expenses by providing better medical coverage or reimbursement for myself?” I humbly suggest that you investigate finding employment that offers a comprehensive health insurance benefit that provides coverage or reimbursement for the insulin pump and its supplies. Indiana is one of 45 states requires health insurance contracts to provide coverage for insulin pumps or its supplies. In addition, many large employers whose benefit programs are not subject to state jurisdiction and the health plans offered to federal employees provide a benefit that provides this coverage. The answer to your problems may lie in finding an employer who offers a health insurance program that meets your requirements for comprehensive health services and financial security.