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October 27, 1999


Question from Montpelier, Vermont, USA:

My nephew is 20 years old. He was diagnosed at age 3. He is now losing his eyesight rapidly. He has started laser treatment but at the last session the doctor advised the amount of treatment that has been administered (more than twice the normal) did damage that can't be undone. My nephew is now very depressed and the expectancy for sight is only 5 years. What can we do where can we go for a second opinion? We would do anything anywhere.


It is very sad and frightening when diabetic retinopathy causes such damage that vision is lost. It would be very important for your nephew to discuss this in detail with his ophthalmologist so that the ophthalmologist can review his options.

Most likely, your ophthalmologist has specific contacts for a second opinion and can therefore share all the current information and eye photographs and angiograms with any consultant ophthalmologists to ascertain severity and other treatment options.

Additional comments from The Editor:

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