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December 12, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Everett, Massachusetts, USA:

My nine year old son was urinating every five minutes one night. Admittedly, this was after a day of lots of soda drinking and a big dinner. My wife, who has diabetes, decided to check his blood sugar with her meter. The result indicated a reading of 347 mg/dl [19.2 mmol/L]. The next morning his reading was 95 mg/dl [ 5.2 mmol/L]. On subsequent days, readings before and after meals all have not exceeded 113 mg/dl [6.3 mmol/L] with most below 110 mg/dl [6.1 mmol/L]. Should I be concerned?


Your son needs to be watched carefully and these results need to be discussed with your son’s pediatrician. He needs to have a physical examination and history done by your pediatrician. A blood sugar of 347 mg/dl [19.2 mmol/L] is always abnormal and needs to be investigated.