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October 5, 2006

Aches and Pains

Question from Brooklyn, New York, USA:

My patient is a type 2 diabetic who is currently suffering from bursitis. He has an aching pain in his right shoulder, as well as in his right elbow. We have tried everything from homeopathic remedies to modern medicine. However, I have not been able to help him with the pain, which seems to have worsened. He had tried cloves, camphor, and rubbing alcohol, as well as cumin pepper and olive oil. Nothing has worked on this pain. I had recommended some Tylenol as well as a muscle cream in the hope of some relief. What can we try to ease his pain? Whatever suggestions that you can offer will be gratefully appreciated.


Have you x-rayed the joints? Does he have some form of crystal deposition or septic joint? You might consider that it might be more that a bursitis if the pain is more severe than usual. Is the diabetes worse? Is the patient in poor control setting them up for infection? Treatment will have to follow proper diagnosis of the problem.