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September 15, 2000


Question from Murfreesboro, Arkansas, USA:

My seven year old nephew has been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He has developed a fine rash that comes and goes and the doctors are not sure what this is related to. I have been unable to find through my research if this is any way related to his diabetes. It is a new problem for him. We would greatly appreciate any information on this matter or could it be strictly related to another condition. Other than his diabetes he has no other preexisting medical conditions.


I can’t think why this is due to his diabetes.

Additional comments from Stephanie Schwartz, diabetes nurse specialist:

Ocassionally, children will have allergies (usually transient) to insulin and its components. Sometimes, the alcohol used to clean the site can cause this. His parents might try using soap and water to clean the site instead. If this does not work, I would suggest that he be seen by a dermatologist.


[Editor’s comment: It’d be much easier to diagnose if a health professional could see him at the time the rash is present (which we can’t do over the Internet!).