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November 15, 2000

Hyperglycemia and DKA, Thyroid

Question from Scottdale, Pennsylvania, USA:

My son, diagnosed with type�1 diabetes last year, was hospitalized a month and a half ago with DKA [diabetic ketoacidosis] At that time, we were told he is insulin resistant and now has tested positive for hyperthyroidism. We are currently awaiting blood test results. Are these problems common in children? I feel like he is going downhill already and fear a lot for his future.


It sounds as though you are going through an unfortunate experience with your child. He may be having falling amounts of his own insulin which means that you need to rely more on injected insulin, and also keep more of a check on his blood glucose. Thyroid disease is the result of an autoimmune process like diabetes, and the two together are relatively more common. the development of an overactive thyroid may also have precipitated the DKA. It is worth while talking this over with your doctor to see if they have any idea why your son went into DKA.

Hopefully things will settle now, especially once the thyroid problem is under control.