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September 17, 2001

School and Daycare

Question from Eatontown, New.Jersey, USA:

My son is playing freshman soccer this year, and the nurse told us she can't train, coach, etc. to give glucagon if needed, so we would have to be there. Who can administer glucagon should my husband and I not be able to attend?


Since this is a school activity, the school is required by law to assure his safety which means being able to attend to emergencies of diabetes. However, the issue of glucagon is a hot topic, being debated throughout the country. See a previous question on this topic.

I believe that all of us need to continue “the glucagon fight.” You might need to compromise initially, and ask that coaches, etc. be trained to use glucose gel which is safe to use as long as there is no seizure activity. However, it will take longer than glucagon. I have also heard from several parents that because of Good Samaritan laws, willing lay people can be designated to administer glucagon if need be.

The good news is that with careful blood glucose monitoring, and attention to early warning signals of hypoglycemia, this should become a non-issue. I think that the use of glucagon in this day and age is much more rare than previously, but it is still important that it be available to use in selected circumstances.