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September 19, 2004

Meal Planning, Food and Diet, School and Daycare

Question from Vidalia, Georgia, USA:

My child, who is age six and using an insulin pump, likes to eat the school lunches like everyone else, which we pay for. His grade is not allowed the choice from the menu, as grades three to five are. It is in his current 504 that the school will work with us concerning the choice from the lunch menu. His teacher approached me and said that it isn't fair to the other children in his class that he gets the choice. He is a picky eater and I choose what I know that he will eat. The choice involved ravioli versus a "chicken" sandwich, which none of the children will eat. What are our rights concerning school meal choices for which we pay?


Your 504 plan is what protects your child�s rights. It sounds like the teacher is trying to look out for all the children. It can be difficult to explain to young children why there are differences. Hopefully, the teacher can find ways to teach about such differences!