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February 9, 2005

Hyperglycemia and DKA, Type 2

Question from Williamstown, Kentucky, USA:

My son is 22. His girlfriend has type 2 and has been checking my son's blood sugars, as well as her own. He has been anywhere from 200 to 410 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L to 22.8 mmol/L] and was "high" once. Could he have had type 1 as a child and I just didn't know it? Is this age early for type 2 to start? His girlfriend was diagnosed with type 2 as a child, so I am curious. My mom and two sisters also have type 2. So far, I am in the clear. I am 44 years old.


Your son could have type 2 diabetes. It is important he goes to the doctor to be evaluated. Even though you are 44 and have not developed diabetes, you still could develop the disease in the future. The sugars you report for your son are very high and would suggest he needs comprehensive diabetes care.