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July 10, 2002

Weight and Weight Loss

Question from Boca Raton, Florida, USA:

My six year old son has type 1 diabetes, diagnosed at 16 months of age, and for the past month, his NPH has not been working at night. His nighttime sugars have been high (200-300 mg/dl, 11.1-16.7 mmol/L]). We took him to the hospital tonight to change his NPH insulin to Lantus (insulin glargine), and they admitted him. He has gained eight pounds in a month, but his diet didn't change and is healthy. How can we explain the eight pound weight gain?


Part of the weight gain is likely to be fluid which he had lost because of poor control. Some will also be fat because he’s now getting more ‘effect’ from his insulin. What actually matters is whether his weight gain is appropriate. You need to discuss with your son’s diabetes team.