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November 2, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Hampstead, Maryland, USA:

My ten year old son has been very thirsty. He never seems to get enough to drink and he eats constantly, but is still only 52 pounds at age 10. Recently, he started going to the bathroom a lot and says it feels like he needs to go even when he does. I do not know if diabetes can cause problems with your feet or not, but he has had trouble walking on one foot for six weeks and the doctors do not know why. He was checked years ago for diabetes because of the frequent drinking, but it was negative. Can you tell me any other signs? Should I have him checked again?


I would suggest having him checked again for diabetes. It is unlikely that the trouble with his feet represents diabetes. However, some of his other symptoms are concerning. A general health check-up with your pediatrician would be most beneficial to you. Make sure you discuss your concerns with your son’s pediatrician.