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December 12, 2018

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Muncie, Indiana, USA:

My two-year-old drinks 24/7 and she soaks her pull-ups no matter how many time I change her. She also sweats quite a lot when she is sleeping. Sometimes she wakes up with her shirt, bed, and hair are all wet from her perspiring. We also have family history of this on both sides and I feel like I need a second opinion. Do you recommend that I have her tested for diabetes? I am not sure what to do.


Sweating a lot is not a sign of diabetes per se, but excess urination, bedwetting/soaking diapers, especially if also associated with weight loss and excess thirst or lethargy, could be high sugar/diabetes. I suggest you contact your primary care physician and get a urine test as well as a blood sugar/glucose test done.