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October 26, 2006


Question from Asheville, North Carolina, USA:

My two year old son was diagnosed with type 1 last January. He will be starting on an Animas pump in a few weeks. I was planning to get all three kids the flu shot this year and am wondering if it makes more sense to get it done before the pump start or to wait a few weeks and do it once we have settled into the pump some. Also, do you know why our pediatric endocrinologist asked that he also have the TB skin test? I will ask at our upcoming appointment, but I am curious on this one as none of my kids have ever had one.


Flu vaccines are recommended for all children older than six months of age with diabetes. I would recommend vaccinating early in each season — usually at the end of October or early November. There is no need to wait just because he will be transitioning to pump therapy shortly.

PPD testing (tuberculosis testing) is indicated for children based on their risk factors for tuberculosis as determined by your pediatrician. That is not usually a test that is done in an endocrinologist’s office as part of a typical diabetes treatment plan.