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February 25, 2001

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Hypoglycemia

Question from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA:

My two year old son had what I think might have been a hypoglycemic reaction the other day. Earlier the same day, he had vomited once, and had diarrhea (both of which were attributed to the many viruses going around), but later in the afternoon, he started shaking uncontrollably. He was asking for a drink yet could not get the cup to his mouth due to shaking. He also could not stand or walk. He was given soda and some fruit snacks, and it gradually subsided. I contacted my doctor afterwards and he said it was unlikely to be low blood sugar since beginning to end the shaking lasted about 45 minutes. He said it would have stopped within five minutes of getting sugar in him if that were the case. My son has always been underweight as well, which off and on has been of medical concern. Should I have my 2 year old tested? If so, what type of tests should I ask for?


The very best test is a thorough history, physical and review by a pediatrician you trust. Your son’s pediatrician will be able to direct you to any further testing that may or may not be necessary.