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January 17, 2007


Question from Sydney, Australia:

My two-year-old daughter often has acetone breath. She had a spell a couple of months ago where she was very, very thirsty. She tested negative for diabetes (both blood and urine tests). Yesterday, she was lethargic, had very strong acetone breath and threw up. Today, she is fine. She has been constantly on and off like this for over a year. Have you any suggestions what this could be? Do toddlers get like this before they get diabetes? The doctors haven't seen her when she has had strong acetone breath, although my doctor is aware of how often she has been ill this year. Should I be taking her to the doctor next time it presents?


I would definitely be following up with your pediatrician on a regular basis. It is important that they examine your child when she is ill and has an acetone smell on her breath.