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April 9, 2004

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Leeds, Alabama, USA:

For about four or five weeks, my six year old son has had tremors, spasms (I'm not sure what to call them). This is also about the same time he began playing on a baseball team. At first, it was just when he got out of the bath and settled down for me, but now it happens more often. This usually happens at nighttime but sometimes during the day or when he is really tired. When I ask him what his wrong he says his penis really itches. Sometimes he says hurts and that he can't control the shaking. I took him in for his six year old check up and his doctor was not really concerned. He did check his blood sugar and said it was fine. The doctor just thought it was pre-puberty growing pains. He had a bad episode of spasms about a week ago and now every now and then during the day he has what I would call a nervous twitch. We took him back to his pediatrician who says his reflexes are overreacting and he goes in for an EEG, chemical profile and thyroid check on April 12. Both of his grandmothers have diabetes. They both think he may have diabetes and needs to have an overnight sugar check test. What do you guys think and will the test they have scheduled for him catch it if he is diabetic?


I would suggest thoroughly discussing your concerns with your pediatrician and then following-up with any recommended testing. Your son’s symptoms are not typical of diabetes, although sometimes diabetes can present with unusual symptoms. The symptoms and diagnosis of diabetes can be found at What is Type 1 Diabetes?