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September 27, 2004


Question from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA:

My four and a half year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks. Over the last four weeks he has gotten four large "boils." Two are on his elbows, one on his back and one on his arms. Their diameters range from one to two inches, and when they initially show up, their height is about one-eighth of an inch. They feel vary hard and itch. They are reddish in color, but not bright red. They do not cause pain unless you press on them. They flatten out in about 24 hours and are gone in about three days. Could this be related to diabetes? They are not near injection sites. The first time he got one I thought is was some sort of bug bite, but now I doubt it.


It is difficult to address what these represent without seeing them. I would get your son in promptly to his pediatrician while one of the spots are present for the best advice on the rash’s cause and any necessary treatment.