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August 4, 2009


Question from Terre Haute, Indiana, USA:

I am just curious to know what blood tests a type 1 diabetic should have routinely, other than an A1c. Also, what role should the family doctor play when getting a yearly check-up? Should I depend solely on the endocrinologist for care or is there care that our family doctor should provide as well? I have just noticed that my children rarely get any blood test other than an A1c and I was wondering if that's enough or if they should also have tests such as a CMP (complete metabolic profile) for kidney function and such?


It really depends on how long one has had diabetes. There are thyroid tests, and tests for celiac disease, kidney function and lipids. All have a place in diabetes management, however, it depends on the age of the person and duration of diabetes. For more information, see our page on the Standards of Clinical Care and the ADA’s Standards of Medical Care for Patients With Diabetes Mellitus.