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February 22, 2005

Meal Planning, Food and Diet, Other

Question from USA:

If I eat sugar, can it do me any harm, other than raising my blood sugars? I dance every night after school and always eat sugar otherwise I can't help keeping away from it. I have three siblings who are allowed to have a lot of sweets. Can it really harm me?


There are many reasons why sugar is a bad idea for kids, teens and adults with diabetes. It is very difficult to totally eliminate sugar from your diet You should try to limit the amounts of simple sugars (products that are made with table sugar like donuts, candy, non-diet soda, etc.) in your diet to avoid dramatic changes to your blood sugar, which can increase your risk for complications of diabetes. In the event that you do eat a simple sugar, you should take a rapid acting insulin like NovoLog or Humalog and dose it based on the amount of carbohydrates (or sugars) that you’ve eaten.

I agree it seems unfair for brothers and sisters to have treats when you’re not allowed. Talk to your parents about your feelings. I would encourage everyone in the family to limit their simple sugars when someone has diabetes. It really is a better lifestyle and much healthier.